Senior Lawyers Committee

This committee discusses issues of importance to senior lawyers.  It sponsors social events during the year, such as the Fall Outing and the Spring Dinner.  Senior Lawyers include any Akron Bar Association member who is 60+ years of age or in practice 30+ years.

Past Recipients of the Senior Lawyer of the Year Award:
1995-1996:  Jerome L. Holub
1996-1997:  Paul E. Weimer
1997-1998:  Fred E. Eastman
1998-1999:  Charles E. Pierson
1999-2000:  Jerry F. Whitmer
2000-2001:  A.E. Shama
2001-2002:  Robert W. Blakemore
2002-2003:  Stan B. Schneiderman
2003-2004:  G. Bernard Harris
2004-2005:  Edwin “Ned” Oldham
2005-2006:  Frank H. Harvey, Jr.
2006-2007:  Dianne R. Newman
2007-2008:  George T. Manos
2008-2009:  Michael B. Hendler
2009-2010:  Tom Henretta
2010-2011:  Stephen A. Fallis
2011-2012:  Barbara A. Venesy
2012-2013:  George M. Miller
2013-2014:  Bruce H. Wilson
2014-2015:  James E. Davis
2015-2016:  Terry Zimmerman

Committee Leadership
  • Steve Fallis

    Committee Chair

    (330) 923-2774

  • Jackie Silas-Butler

    Committee Vice Chair

    (330) 761-3056


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