Lawyers Assistance Committee

The Akron Bar Association Lawyers Assistance Committee provides education and confidential assistance to lawyers, judges, and law school students who are affected by the problems of alcohol or substance abuse, stress, depression, or other mental health issues. Consistent with the mission of the Bar Association, our goal is to assist in the prevention and early identification of problems that can affect professional conduct and quality of life. Our intent is to provide intervention before the problems become overwhelming.

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Our services are STRICTLY confidential pursuant to Prof. Cond. R. 8.3(c), and each member of our committee and staff signs an oath affirming their commitment to confidentiality.


Committee Leadership
  • John Myers

    Committee Co-Chair

    (330) 535-0850

  • Magistrate Susan Baker Ross

    Committee Co-Chair

    (330) 375-2912

Committee Members

If you need help you may contact any member of our committee directly. If you would like to make a referral please contact Bar Counsel. There is a solution. You are not alone. If you wish to live a different way we encourage you to reach out for help.

Name Phone Location
Vincent J. Alfera 330-922-0927 Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Magistrate Susan Baker Ross 330-375-2912 Akron, OH
Rebecca M. Black, Esq. 330-996-4099 Akron, OH
John A. Casalinuovo 330-786-2205 Akron, OH
Julie A. Droppleman 330-573-9223 Norton, OH
Gerald J. Glinsek 330-867-6600 Akron, OH
Stephen M. Grachanin 330-253-5454 Akron, OH
Thomas F. Haskins, Jr. 330-762-5011 Akron, OH
J. Thomas Henretta 330-376-7800 Akron, OH
Nancy L. Holland 330-414-1822 Akron, OH
Kerri L. Keller 330-535-5711 Akron, OH
Thomas P. Kot 330-594-7370 Mogadore, OH
Madeline J. Lepidi-Carino 330-819-1423 Hudson, OH
Mary Jo Lockshin 330-258-4024 Akron, OH
Michael A. Malyuk 330-929-9700 Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Mary T. Marnecheck 440-840-1764 Cuyahoga Falls, OH
George M. Miller 330-923-2451 Akron, OH
John F. Myers 330-535-0850 Akron, OH
Michael J. Olah 330-338-2101 Akron, OH
Thomas R. Pitts 330-762-0280 Akron, OH
Lawrence J. Scanlon 330-376-1440 Akron, OH
Irving B. Sugerman 330-434-7516 Akron, OH
Patricia A. Vance 330-836-9358 Akron, OH
George R. Wertz 330-643-2336 Akron, OH

Akron Bar Staff Liaison:
Jackie Billett 
(330) 436-0112

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