Disability Law Section

Formerly the Workers’ Compensation Committee, the new Disability Law Section has expanded to include all aspects of Disability Law, including Workers’ Compensation, Social Security, ERISA claims, appellate claims, and VA benefits.  This section provides a forum for discussion of issues related to a workers’ compensation practice.

The Disability Law Section typically meets on the THIRD THURSDAY of every month (excluding December, July & August) at 12:00 PM at the Akron Bar Association.

Section Leadership
  • Shannon Sorensen

    Section Chair

    (330) 762-6474

  • Julie Wagner

    Section Vice-Chair

    (330) 509-3629

  • Sarah R. Grinder

    Communication Officer

    (330) 762-0280

Mission Statement

For the purpose of upholding the highest professional standards of competence, the Disability Law Section seeks (1) to educate its members, (2) to expand networking opportunities for disability attorneys (3) to cultivate the development of a team atmosphere in the legal community (cohesiveness, intellectual discourse, mentorship of young attorneys, and accountability to the highest ethical standards of practice), (4) to promote a respectable legal voice within the community and (5) to provide an open forum for the exchange of ideas related to disability laws.


U.S. District Court, Northern District of Ohio
Akron Bar Association Calendar
Guide to Disability Rights Laws (ADA.gov)
LinkedIn Disability Section Group (closed group)


Thomas Christos Petropoulos
Member Engagement Coordinator
Akron Bar Association
(330) 436-0106

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